Interview Tips from HR.

A very good friend of mine invited me into a thread with the Hiring Manager of a well established company. He was kind enough to offer up a few things to consider while interviewing for a job to improve your chances of getting hired. I won’t ramble on any more, here’s what he said….


Here are a few somewhat random additional thoughts:

*     I generally take a candidate negotiating comp as a positive sign, even if I don’t raise the offer.  I wouldn’t worry that the company will rescind the offer, or that you’re going to start out on the wrong foot just because you asked for more. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend working for someone that is uncomfortable having a compensation conversation, or holds it against you, but….

*      If we’re off by a huge amount (I offer you 60 and you come back with 90), I might rescind the offer; in my experience, an employee who truly feels undercompensated does not a happy team member make. If you’re desperate for a job and are taking something that pays well below your market value, I feel sorry for both sides. I try really hard not to hire those folks.

*      Have a specific package in mind – starting pay, vacation days, bonus percentage, job title, whatever…just know what you want.

*      As noted in a prior reply, be able to explain why you deserve whatever it is that you are asking for.

*     Be ready with a fallback position….maybe you start at the proffered comp and agree to a salary review in three months. Maybe you get a bonus if you hit certain performance targets. If you go this route, agree up front on the goals you need to achieve and what the parameters of the increase are.

*    Do everything in person if you can; don’t be uncomfortable asking for a meeting to talk about the offer.

*     Recognize that if I start you out higher I might be giving you lower raises in the future.

*      Get the whole deal in writing – if your employment letter doesn’t exactly reflect your discussions, don’t sign it.

Thank you Mike and Shane for the incredibly helpful insight!



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